1. Highest Quality Images Crisp and glossy, not warped or fish-eyed

  2. Perfect Window Shots Without glare

  3. Larger Viewer Window Without compromising download time

  4. Interactive Virtual Tour visitor maintains full control over navigation, rotation speed, access to features, etc.

  5. Auto play Option Automatically takes the visitor through the virtual tour

  6. Detailed Text Descriptions For each scene of the virtual tour

  7. Customized Logo Banner Reinforces corporate identity

  8. Customized Viewer Colors Matches viewer skin color to web site

  9. Download Capability Enables virtual tour to be copied onto hard drive, CD or included in Power Point

  10. Email Tour Link Enables the virtual tour visitor to quickly share the experience with a friend or colleague

  11. ....etc


  1. Virtual Tours are a cost effective way to strengthen your on-line marketing program

  2. Virtual Tours are incorporated into your company website without impacting the site

  3. iVISITtours Virtual Tours provide an interactive visit to your facilities to anyone in the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week

  4. Virtual Tours can be used to enhance presentations to prospective clients

  5. Virtual Tours eliminate or reduce costly travel time

  6. iVISITtours Virtual Tours can easily be updated to reflect property renovations

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